Ruined Arc

Shadows of Durkarak - Part 3
Chapter 01 Session 04

The following is a chronicled adventure of Lamentation of the White Raven, Osrik, Shevalie, and Abard while working in the employ of the mercenary service, Sword and Shield.

Providence appeared to be with the party, for they were not happened upon during their rest. After a few hours sleep, they once again ventured forth into the fog. In the midst of their wanderings, armed humanoids appeared to be overwhelmed by assailants protecting a second mystical torch. The heroes entered the fray and defeated the decaying foes, but life had already fled from the bodies of the wounded. As the second torch was a destroyed, the black glamor was lifted from the ruins.

After catching their breath, the party began their ascent to the top of the ruins only to encounter three defenders that beckoned them to halt their approach. A brief dialog ensued where the warriors identified themselves as minions of Skarrow. As mystical flares burst in the sky, Lamentation decided the time for talk was over and charged the enemy.

Their tactics were clearly methods of delay to prevent disruption of the ritual. Three guardians stood between the heroes and their objective. A mystical sword wielder isolated Osrik from the party and engaged in hand to hand combat. The other proceeded to engage in both a battle of wits and weapons with a warlock. His riddles soon proved no match, just as his flesh provided little resistance to steel.

Osrik dispatched his foe first and quickly proceeded to combat the third and final guardian. When the warlock lay slain, the rest of the party rushed to Osrik’s aid. As Abard crossed the threshold to join combat, a magical barrier appeared that prevented additional aid. Abard and Osrik eventually purified the body of the corrupted cleric and the last of the ritual caster’s barriers crumbled.

A second, sky-born blast began to appear as the party disturbed the rune circle on the ground. As the magical script was disturbed, the radiant energies began to distort and warp. The gathered energies in the sky erupted at the ritual’s corruption. Indistinct presences were released; one rocketing to the east, the other to the south as a brief eruption of mystical energy and light filled the party’s vision. In the Aftermath, very few structures remained standing… indeed, only they and the caster remained. A lich stood before the party, its malevolent power visible. And yet, the heroes remained stalwart and rushed to engage the villain. A rapid exchange of radiant and necrotic blows occurred before unknown allies began to appear. An angelic form appeared just as Lamentation began his charge toward the vile creature. As his pick descended upon the bleached skull of the fiend, his opponent vanished leaving behind only a whispered message. “Two of them have still escaped. You will pay for your interference and your death will not be kind.”

The mysterious allies would not divulge their identities to the party, but did offer Lamentation a symbol of their thanks. A small circular disc embedded with a simple silver triangle was entrusted to his care. No other explanation was offered and the travelers departed without another word. A quick look around the ruins discovered the bodies of over forty slain adventurers presumed to be on a similar mission as the party. After providing burial rights to the slain, the weary party began their journey back to the town of Ar’Sel.

End – Chapter 01

Shadows of Durkarak - Part 2
Chapter 01 Session 03

The following is a chronicled adventure of Lamentation of the White Raven, Osrik, Shevalie, and Abard while working in the employ of the mercenary service, Sword and Shield.

The party continued their onslaught against the ranks of the undead. Skeletons and ghouls fell before the growing skills of the adventurers. As the third glyph warden was slain, all three of the runic symbols burst into a bright light and rapidly disappeared. Trusting the word of the redeemed cleric, the party headed into the black fog undaunted by the unseen dangers that lie ahead.

Wandering through the dark miasma, the party encountered spectral creatures protecting a flame of some sort. However, their attempt at stealth failed and the undead horrors appeared through the walls and floor to surprise the heroes. The fierce battle required every last bit of the adventurers’ skill and strength. Believing the flame to be the source of the apparitions’ power, Osrik smashed the brazier before the party had a chance to examine it. However, its destruction had no apparent effect on the vitality of the enemy. When the last apparition was defeated, the party was left in the dark silence.

Exhausted, the heroes attempted to find a way out of the fog to no avail. Their very survival depended on finding a suitable location to rest and recover their dwindling strength. Accepting the inevitable, they took refuge in a small ruined house…


Shadows of Durkarak
Chapter 01 Session 02

The following is a chronicled adventure of Lamentation of the White Raven, Osrik, Shevalie, and Abard while working in the employ of the mercenary service, Sword and Shield.

The aftermath of the caravan mission lay heavy upon Lament. Within hours of returning to Ar’Sel, the paladin began researching methods that would allow him to remove the arcane mark from his body. In his studies, he an encountered an old man that directed him to a musty tome written in an obscure language. Enlisting the aid of Shevalie and Abard to decipher the text, the book was translated to be a study on the remnants of the ruined Dragonborn Kingdom, Durkarak. When the book provided no insight on a means to remove the arcane mark, Lament returned to the sage’s shop to find a younger man working the shop with no knowledge of the older man or of the loaned book.

Determining the encounter with the old man to have been a divine message, Lamentation gathered his allies and asked them to accompany him on a divine quest. After a brief exchanging of goods and pleasantries with the townsfolk, the party set out upon this new quest to find mysterious ruins in the mountains to the east. The journey proceeded smoothly until their arrival.

The ruins mentioned by the old tome appeared to exist; cut into the side of hill and surrounded by a dense, black fog. Draconic markings appeared scrawled across crumbling remnants of stonework. Within minutes of entering the ruins, the party encountered undead beings and a fierce battle ensued. Mindless creatures directed by tormented souls assailed the party and threatened to overwhelm them. As the last of the foul creatures lie destroyed, a redeemed soul appeared to the party and spoke. It warned them of the black fog enshrouding the ruins and the necessity of destroying the glyph wardens before proceeding onward. Heeding the spirit’s advice, the party battled through more rotting corpses and defeated two of the wardens…


It Began Unexpectedly
Chapter 01 Session 01

The following is a chronicled adventure of Lamentation of the White Raven, Osrik, Shevalie, and Abard while working in the employ of the mercenary service, Sword and Shield.

The adventure began with a simple quest to retrieve stolen caravan goods. Of course, no grand story begins that simply. The missing satchel contained unknown contents and was only marked with a royal seal. The party set off in the direction of the lost caravan and happened upon a kobold raid. After the destruction of the travelers, the party tracked their quarry directly to the hideout; a cave located near the northeastern lake.

The hideout only appeared to be lightly guarded as carefully hidden pit traps nearly did in the adventurers upon initial entry. The alarm was sounded and battle ensued. As events were looking most dire, Osrik discovered a hidden passage that allowed for a courageous stand against the oncoming waves of foes. After the first wave of fighters, Osrik found the missing satchel and Lamentation of the White Raven located a hidden cellar door. As more foes engaged the party, they strategically retreated through down the tunnel.

That’s pretty much when everything went to hell. The kobolds were led by an intelligent and common-speaking warrior named Grik. Unwilling to compromise or abandon the party’s mission, diplomacy quickly failed. As the kobolds rushed to engage the adventurers, three members of the Avalonian Order (AO) crashed through the ceiling above, triggering some sort of trap and animating zombies behind the kobolds. A necessary alliance was formed with the kobolds as both the Avalonian Order and the undead began assaulting all parties. As the last knight fell, Osrik finished the last of the zombies with a triumphant blow before succumbing to his wounds. Of all his allies, Grick alone remained standing. The runic symbol on the floor began to glow as reinforcements from the Avalonian Order charged forth. They promptly disappeared as they crossed the threshold of the runic symbol. The party was left with no exits and few choices before they entered the portal themselves.

They were immediately thrust into another battle with an Iron Cobra that was found quickly dispatching the remaining AO knights in the chamber. After a terrifying and exhilarating combat, the metallic snake collapsed into ash leaving a strange Greataxe in its place. Osrik and Shevalie retrieved four oddly shaped, glowing crystals from the pedestals in the room. A subsequent trip through the teleporter returned the party to Grik who was escaping the mountain hideout through a well. At that time, Osrik finally decided to look inside the satchel and discovered it empty; a six-inch tear in the bottom spilling its contents to areas unknown. Determined to locate the missing goods, the majority of the party left Lamentation of the White Raven to guard their gear while they proceeded to enter the well. Three members of the Avalonian Order approached him demanding the satchel. Realizing he was over-matched, he surrendered the satchel to the Knights and they left.

Informed of the events that happened, Osrik emerged from the underground tunnel at the lake and proceeded to charge the three knights with nothing but infallible dignity and a dagger. Seeing the empty satchel, he lured two of the knights away and the rest of the party descended upon the remaining Knight before he could escape. The satchel was retrieved, but the ensuing encounter with the remaining two knights left Shevalie and Lamentation imprinted with Arcane marks from discs of the Order.

After negotiating with Grick another time, the party retrieved the original item from the satchel, discovering it was another crystal similar to the ones found in the chamber of pedestals. One of the discovered crystals was used to replace the burnt out crystal in the Greataxe; magically restoring its apparent strength. The party returned to town and delivered the missing satchel with the burnt-out crystal delivered as the missing goods. The party’s mission was completed, but Lamentation and Shevalie remain marked by the Avalonian Order.


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