The town of Ar’Buckle is the home to a rare armistice between the divided nations of Eladrin and Drow. When a vengeful sorcerer assaulted and devastated his former kingdom, the surrounding lands also felt the repercussions of his abyssal dealings. As demons and other kin of the dark laid waste to land and Underdark alike, the two races were forced from their lands and pressured into cooperating to survive the year long war. When the demon summoning contracts expired, the threat of the demons vanished but left an uneasy alliance between the once-divided people. As a symbol of friendship, the king of the Eladrin bequeathed his enchanted belt to the ruler of the Drow. The survivors founded a new city of mutual habitation named Ar’Buckle to honor the gift exchange between the two nations.

Leadership of the village alternates every ten years between the elected leaders of the Drow and Eladrin. While traces of racism and prejudice remain in the long-lived peoples, open hostility is rare. The village has existed for nearly 350 years and only a few of the eldest inhabitants can remember the village’s earliest years.

Within the last ten years, the village has slowly become plagued by roving bands of undead creatures that attack merchants and soldiers alike. The Black Fang mercenary group was hired by the village to stop the spreading tide of fear and danger. Their success has been exceptional and no citizens have fallen prey to the creatures in five years within city limits. However, they have remained unable to do anything to combat the continual growth of the village’s eastern swamp. All patrols and hired adventurers that have entered the dark infestation have perished in the attempt.



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