LWR C02S02

Dwarven Crowns

Realizing that time was of the essence, my new companions and I departed for the Dwarven Kingdom the next morning. Several days into our travels, a band of orcs attempted to turn us away. All but one of them have now met my Queen and his escape only delayed the inevitable.

We arrived at the Dwarven Kingdom just shy of two weeks travel. Within hours, we stood before an assembly of dwarven nobles. They hired us to locate the crown of a dead king in order to use its power of divination. We’ve been told the tomb was constructed to forbid the entrance of dwarves, for no dwarf has ever entered and returned to speak of it. I’m not really sure what that says about the dwarves as a race. Are they so prone to grave robbing that they would need to ward off only themselves? Such a strange culture that I have encountered nothing similar in my exposure to Eladrin and Humans. Either that, or the tomb is so deadly, they wished to hire ‘expendable’ mercenaries. If deception is the game of dwarves, they will soon learn to regret their decision. With few options left before us, my companions and I departed for the dwarven tomb.


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LWR C02S02

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