LWR C02S03

Dwarven Tombs

Our descent into the tomb was immediately ominous. Opened through dwarven chants, the entrance immediately sealed behind us. We remained undaunted and began our exploration. The ancient traps of the dwarves provided a strong challenge and the careless fumbling of the barbarian dropped the floor from beneath us. Pressure plates, gelatinous cubes, green oozes, and other horrors stood in the way, but failed to surmount our abilities. We tore through the tombs defenses quicker than expected and discovered a treasure vault on our way to locate the divination crown.

The crown itself was protected by a mechanical guardian imbued with the essence of the first dwarven king. Once told of our mission, the spirit offered his aid and sent us through a portal near the location of the missing dwarven artifact. Our destination was a land I could not identify. Smoke was seen on the horizon and my allies began traveling to the nearest town.

That was when I encountered the cultists of Orcus. The zealots appeared mindless and unwilling to reason or surrender. I was quick to dispatch the foes of my goddess and began to realize my responsibility to disrupt and foil the plans of these fools. The Raven Queen bids to destroy the minions of her enemy and I accept that task with pleasure.


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LWR C02S03

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