LWR C02S04

Dwarven Foes

A direct confrontation with the bulk of Orcus’ followers left me doubting the wisdom in a full military assault. My companions and I were nearly overcome by the fury of the mindless zealots and it would anger my Queen to fall before such foes. Stealth is now my weapon of choice and I will strike at the leader of these fools. Their campground was protected by a cliff face on one side and wooden stockades along the remainder of the camp. The orcs sent a majority of their forces into the wilderness to find those responsible for the deaths of their allies leaving behind just enough warriors to defend the encampment.

Unfortunately for them, their vigilance was insufficient was we managed to penetrate the camp’s defense and lock ourselves in the central tower. We caught the defenders by surprise and dispatched the guards with little effort. The leader of the cultists proved to be quite a powerful and I was glad for the assistance of my allies. Atop the tower we discovered the Dwarven Artifact seized by a portal to a Fell Plane and a traitorous dwarven wizard. As the tower was set ablaze by the spellcaster’s futile dying attack, we retrieved the artifact and the corrupted portal enchantment was disrupted. In fact, I am fairly certain the portal was about to close in a most explosive and deadly manner for all those who remained in proximity.

My expectation that Moradin would safely handle our egress was grossly incorrect. As we stood in the burning tower surrounded by an angry orcish horde, I decided that performing favors for the subjects of an ungrateful deity was no longer one of my priorities. Fortunately, among the possessions of the slain wizard was a Ring of Retreat that expeditiously returned us to the Dwarven Capital.

Though successful in our mission and triumphant against the Prince of the Undead’s forces, the current dwarven king perished by his affliction before we could return. I am not sure how two weeks of time passed in what seemed to be roughly twelve hours, but such is the nature of divine and arcane magic. We were thanked by the dwarves and began our long journey back to Ar’Sel before further deliberation on the future king began. I must return to the Aviary and inform Father Grimm of these events… perhaps we will be able to locate the remaining forces and show them the true sovereign of death.

End – Chapter 02

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LWR C02S04

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