Information researched and translated from an ancient tome in Ar’Sel

Once a grand Dragonborn empire, little is truly known about Durkarak. Sure some of the places, people, and events that made this great kingdom have been handed down in stories and carvings but few claim to know more. Nestled in an ancient mountain range called the Seawall mountains, which sages believe is the six kings mountains as they are known today, sat Craig; the seat of their power. From vast mountains and tall spires the Dragonborn ruled over large stretches of the world.

It is unclear what cataclysmic event lead to their demise but certain things are known. It is known that their empire which lasted over 1000 years fell to ruin in less that one. It is also believed that they brought about their own destruction. A few recovered writings indicate the Durkarai wished to shed themselves of their demi-dragon heritage and ascend to true dragonhood. Many theories exist connecting this desire to the destruction of their empire, but there is little proof. A sage in Ar’Sel believes that an ancient order known as the Cult of Skarrow may have been involved. He believes a deal was made with demons and it was demons that taught them the necessary magic to become dragons. He also believed this Cult betrayed their own people; but to what end he could not say.



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