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he sun no longer burns crimson with the blood of the fallen. The land has entered a time of extended peace wherein racial tensions have dwindled to new lows. Goblin, human, elven, and dwarven cities have opened commerce to once bitter foes and strange events are now common across the lands. But danger is never far. Ancient shadows lurk in the darkness, awaiting the chance to reclaim both former glory and power. Fallen kingdoms lie buried; their knowledge unprotected and vulnerable to those daring and reckless enough to use dark secrets.

s political battles become more common, large mercenary groups have formed to protect the land, wealth, and health of beleaguered citizens. It has been one hundred and fifty years since the last great war and a silent tension is building. Seasoned veterans grow uneasy and the elders of each race prepare to relive the horrible years. They say war is coming; they say the sky grows darker; they even say demons walk the land. But who are they to make such bold claims. This is the land of mortals and as members of Sword and Shield, it is your duty to defend our realms against the outsiders. To the Glory and Valor of Steel!

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Game Status – Chapter 03 Session 01

Next Session Date – Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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