LWR Recollection03

This is an accounting of my earliest memories whilst training at the Aviary

My first encounter with creatures of undeath left me greatly confused. Father Grimm led the expedition of several students like myself to encounter the servants of our Queen’s most hated foe. Animated corpses and rotting shambling forms possessed little threat whilst we battled, sheltered by Father’s power. And indeed, these disgusting abominations should be rid from the world. Amidst the chaos, a lone armored figure approached a fellow student unnoticed until too late. Father cried out for Zacharius to flee as the Death Knight brandished a greatsword and slew my colleague with a single blow.

Father Grimm rushed to battle the undead juggernaut as the remaining students struggled against the knight’s minions. Unholy flames consumed the lives of several more allies before Father was finally able to destroy the entity and its servants.

As the wounded were tended, I stared at the corpses of foe and friend alike. How fortunate my comrades were. They perished battling the true enemy of our goddess and now reside within her great halls. The body of the death knight lay charred; its unholy flames slowly extinguishing from the wind. I felt not hatred, but kinship with it. Am I so different from this creature? Like it, my body will not die nor do I have the basic needs of mortal races. Was I created in a similar manner?

Perhaps he saw my expression or my body language was just that indicative, but Father Grimm came over and placed his hand on my shoulder. “Son, do not mistake coincidence for similarity. That creature existed through dark deeds or an even blacker betrayal. His power is that which was bolstered by a demon prince. Your creation was divine intention. The will of our goddess should never be compared to that of demon spawn.”

Father, how was I created? Where was I found?

“I have told you before, Lamentation. That is not my story to tell you. But I am certain, if you truly desire to know you will discover those secrets one day. The Raven Queen bid me to take you under my wing and I have done just that. You are the greatest blessing She has given me. Never forget that.”

And yet, to this day, I can still see the cold, soulless eyes of the death knight reflecting my own…

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LWR Recollection03

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